Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Ramblings of a Scramble Egged Brains

I don't have pictures. Sorry about that. Life in general revolves around work and family affairs. Work has been hell lately. It's a rollercoaster ride. I'm beginning to feel very down and upset about it. Add that to my family unheavals and u get one very tired panda bear looking right at you now. In short, life suxs big time.


Finally got myself started on my cables project again. I think I'll call it Green Tea. Reason being, after straightening things out and applying the accelerator, I find myself obssessively knitting at night to ease my stress. Since it's green and it feels like a good cuppa, Green Tea Cables it is. I'm up 1 inch but I can't see any pattern yet. I hope my tension isn't too tight.


My bag will just have to wait until I'm convinced I'm a sucker for more punishment. I'm miserable enough as it is. Scalding my hands in hot water just don't seem like de thing right now.

What's scary is, I find myself rather reckless with yarn purchases and bids right now. Thank goodness I keep getting outbidded by equally mad hatters in ebay. I think I'd find myself even more miserable mid month when I'm stressed and reduced to eating porridge. Sigh. I'm feeling so restless I think I'll start on another project tonight as well with my recycled yarns. It's about time anyway.

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