Monday, March 14, 2005

Recycling update

It's time for !

My unravelling are all done. Now I have to wind them up and start knitting. The knitting needles and the ball of yarn are there as a gauge of size.

My Notes

The white one was the first. It is a cotton, viscose mix. I'll be doing a simple cowl neck sleeveless top with that one. I was toying with the idea of dyeing it. The dyes we have here are of a different variety. I only found Dylon so far. But I'm not too sure how to go about it or whether the dye will stick. I need to do research. Anyone with ideas or advice?

Chenille was the second to go. It wasn't very fun to unravel. It's pretty 'fluff dust fairy' stuff. Fluff was flying everywhere! I chomped off the top part for rags because the shoulders shaping was sewed and not binded off. The chenille is due for a fitted coat and a mini skirt. I'm still looking for a pattern for the coat and skirt. I have something in mind but I need a pattern as a guide.

The black was the fastest since I had experience with the first 2 already. I'm not too sure yet. It'll have to be sleeveless, I doubt there's enough for anything else.

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