Saturday, June 10, 2006

Lana Grossa Jacket

Hello my blog pals! How's everybody doing? Wow. It didn't hit me until I logged on that I haven't updated my blog since Jan. Bleeah. Well, I have been pretty much busy with work ever since I joined my new company in Feb. Nothing much happened in craft town until recently. Finally finished something worth blogging about 2 weeks ago but haven't had time to take photos and share. So here goes :

This was the Lana Grossa pattern I took on. It was actually a very fast knit that took me ages to finish.

LOL This is my version of it. The yarn I used was Phildar Flirt. Sort of a thick skin slubby yarn. The frills on the collar didn't seat well. Too over done with the yarn being thick as well. So I tried to make it more versatile. The jacket lapels have been modified into ribbings, which is more to my taste. I can wear it with the lapel folded down the way shown in the picture as well as unfolded.

The other thing I did was to replot the sleeves and changed the sleeves cuff. I ribbed it as well and elongated it and added a slight flare to it. The finishing touch was 2 mini buttons and a crocheted button loop. And Voila! Zee jacket is done. Overall, apart from the fact that my mom has snagged it, I'm pretty happy with it.