Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bits and pieces of recap

Our Meet Up
The gals met up last week on Friday. This time, there were 5 of us. It was nice especially after a long, hot and busy Chinese New Year. It was a very fun time for all. Read all about it at Lyn's site. I wish we had more pixs though. Each of us learnt a little bit of something during this one. For me, it's how to cast on with a little more polish. I'm ashamed to say that my self taught method of a simple cast on is just not "it" after looking at everyone else's. The other highlight was the Zara yarn Mona whipped out. I think we all fell in love with that one. I'm eyeing it already.

Loose bits and ends
Following up on the heels of my recycling, I've finally finished ripping last night. The white espirit yarn has been washed and is taking forever to dry and the chenille is soaking. I was also busy frogging my red CNY tube and my sophie bag attempt. Lyn's and Mona took one look at my sophie bag yarn and Lyn told me she didn't think it'll felt though it's 100% wool. The label is all in Mandarin so I wasn't really sure. I guess I'll have to research more on it. I knitted swatches for the red yarn I frogged and the sophie bag yarn. I'll be testing it out this week. All done last night. Phew!

I've also been spring cleaning last weekend. Yea, it's a little late, but better than never. I added a new movable mini drawer shelf for my crafts. It's working well. With all that out of the way, tonight, I can really start my knitting guiltless.

Knitting kickstart
My bookstore called to say my book has arrived on Sunday, finally! 1000 Sweaters by Amanda Griffiths. My dear sweet SW gifted me with it. I know the reviews for this book. But I think it's very suitable for where I am cause we use mostly DK weight yarn. I'm enjoying the patterns thoroughly. I've already casted on something last night. :) When I get home today, I'll have to check on the white yarn. I hope it'll be dry. Wash and hang to dry, the chenille, soak the black yarn. Hopefully, test my 2 new swatch. And then, Knit knit knit!

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