Saturday, March 26, 2005

Update on Kiki

Well, this is a quick update on Kiki..:) Thanks for your concern.

Diagnosis from the doctor : -

Yes, Kiki dislocated her left hind leg. She hasn't injured herself anywhere else. Her spine and everything else is intact. She is not in a lot of pain. She wasn't hit by a car. She was given pain killers.

The vet said that if she had been hit by a car, she'll be yelping away. She didn't make any noise. Chances are, she dislocated her own hind legs trying her very best to squeeze out of the gate from the side. There is a very small gap there. 8-{
And the smart little girl, knowing she is stuck outside and injured, went over to the little patch of garden outside the neighbours to hide and wait for rescue from the family. You know, I'm totally flabbergasted. I thought only human kids can get themselves into such a mess. I've never come across a puppy that can get herself into that sort of trouble. Yesterday, she kept giving us guilty looks like she knew she got herself into a mess.

All in all, she was a very brave little kid. She was quiet throughout the visit to the vet even when he was setting her hind leg. Silly kiddo. :)

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