Thursday, December 29, 2005

Simple Chic Blouse

Hello peeps! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. There is still the New Year celebrations to look forward to and Chinese New Year at the end of January to busy ourselves with. I'd guess everyone is still in a holiday mood? :) I know I am cause I'm clearin leave for the whole week! Yay! Yes, I suppose it is easy to tell it has cheered me up a lot. Though I'm pretty amazed at how many errands and things have to be run daily. It astounds me sometimes and time flies by like a jet plane. So alas, no, crafting has been put aside for a while. On the other hand, I've been a good girl and have been making myself do my "To Finish" pile. Like weaving in ends for minisweater and UO shrug among others. :P Yes I'm terrible at that sometimes.

Simple Chic Blouse

This blouse is from Simple Chic. No 1. The slight sheen and the geometric pattern makes it difficult to photograph well. I took it many times but details like the neck tie still doesn't show as well and the geometric pattern isn't as dizzying in real life as in the photos. Anyways, if you had thought sewing is easier then knitting like I did, you thought wrong. There were a lot of false starts and real stops. But all in all, I'm happy with my first piece. There are defects but I can live with it. On retrospect, I think I could have done without the buttons at the back. I can slip it on without unbuttoning. I might just do another one with slight modifications. Next in line would be a faux DVF dress and a nice little slip dress for Butterfly. All that, after I finish that huge pile of clothes I'd like to alter or embellish..:D Ok, obligatory blouse on me shots.

On Other FOs
Thank you girls for the tips and suggestions on MiniSweater. I've decided to leave it as it is. All I've done is weave in the ends and sew the armholes smaller. I might add a button if I see one that goes well with it, but for now, I'm content to just tie it on. As for Butterfly, I'm not too sure yet. I might just do as Joy suggested, shorten it if I start thinking I'd start crying if I have do another stitch. Muah haha!

Happy New Year Girls! Hope it'll be a great one for all of us!

Thursday, December 22, 2005


I was getting ready to do a long update, then I realized that more than half the pix I took was so blur they are not usable. Sigh... So some updates then until I can retake the other photos. I've completed sewing a blouse from Simply Chic. I'll have to retake the photos before I can post. I've also started a jacket from Lana Grossa free pattern archive. I'm already eyeing some other projects.

Life is still busy. Lots of things in planning and set in motion. As for blogging,
I'm begining to wonder bout keeping a blog or bloglines for that matter. I get a bit batty nowadays cause everytime I log into Bloglines I have 400 over posts (and counting) to contend with. I no longer enjoy it. :( I feel like I'm plowing through them Darn it, no fun. I do still enjoy reading the blogs of people I know or are close with. Apologies all round, I do try my best to drop by whenever I get some free time. You girls totally make the effort worthwhile. :)

Just in case I don't get back in time for another post before Christmas day itself.



I never thought I'd feel this way but Butterfly is starting to bore me to tears and I'm only at the hips. Before I started Butterfly, I was bit hestitant cause reading the forums, they've encountered problems with the pattern. I'm just glad that Kiri was my first lace project. I learnt a lot from it. Butterfly is actually quite a simple lace stitch. Only 2 lines of 6 sts to remember. It's fast, but because it is a dress, it's still very slow going. Worst is I can't watch TV while doing this to ease the boredom. If I ever get to the finishing line, I'll be very glad to finish it.

Bangle Bag

My bangle bag was done quite some time ago, but I didn't get around to finishing it. Now finally the lining is completed. I think I could possible try a side pocket next time. These 2 pics are all I got. The rest of the pictures were so blur they gave me a headache just looking at them. This is the same color lining I'm using for the bamboo cluth. Though, I have a feelin I might redo the bamboo clutch to sort out some pattern problems.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Knitty Bittys

My Surprise Gift
When Ruth said she had something for me and was sending me a package, I had no idea! I didn’t know what to expect. Then, it arrived! Just look at the package! It’s awesome!

That one time I commented to her about Yarn Harlot. She remembered and she sent me, not one, but two of Yarn Harlot’s fabulous books! That’s not all! Ruth also gifted me with a Knit Bits Calendar wrapped in that really cute piggy present wrapper and also KoolAid! I’ve already poured through one of her book in one sitting. It was as hilarious as promised. I know I’m going to thoroughly enjoy and savor the rest of the package. A Big Thank you to you Ruth! This package made my day!

My minisweater was done quite a while ago. I had decided not to post it because I was uncertain about it and haven’t quite made up my mind. I haven't tied up the ends and I have not blocked it yet. I used 3 balls of Schachenmayr Punto in Blue that I had.

I added picot edging for the sleeves and hem. I thought it would be fun to give it a little pixie look with flared picot edging sleeves..:)Now I'm not too sure. Blame it on the Christmasy spirit going around with that pixie theme in my head. Heck if I had green, I'd probably used that for minisweater LOL And now, my problem with it is this : -

1.) The sleeves are very pixie looking
2.) The overlapping hem edges are too long. So long that I have to knot it to close it instead of sewing in a button to fasten it down.

So girls, I have half a mind to leave it as it is and another half a mind to frog it but I’d like to hear your opinions. Should I leave it as it is? Or correct the sleeves only or hem edges only or both?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


My apologies to Kitty Kitty & Meowgirl for getting both their names mixed up with that tag. :) I've ammended that post.

Erin had asked what yarn I was using for Butterfly, I'm using Sirdar Silky Look in Champagne, which I dug out from my stash. :)

I have nothing much to add for now. I have so many things to share but no time to take pictures and sit down to organize my thoughts. I just felt guilty that I've been neglecting my blog.

Minisweater is completed, Butterfly doesn't flutter, it plods. And I've cast on for another project, one with simple st st so that I can knit that in the car. I'm not about to risk fumbling with Butterfly lace sts when one eye is looking at the road. I'm putting this down so I'll get myself moving to take photos soon to show. I don't think I'm too pleased with how my mini sweater looks. But I have no patience to frog right now.

I have had another 3 balls of Gedifra California which I suppose will have to resign itself into becoming another shrug. I had my eyes set on this other number. But it looked like minisweater. It is a variegated white grey color and I haven't found a pattern that speaks of a match. Any great ideas girls? I could always count on good suggestions from you ladies..:)

I'm being distracted by a myriad of things. My sewing for one, and other crafty endeavours for another. Mom has also set up something which I'm helping out with. Ever heard the phase there is not enough hours in a day? Yea, nowadays, I wish that the day has 36 hrs.

My yahoo got hacked into recently. So girls, I will no longer be using Yahoo. If anyone message you or email you with my ex-profile, please ignore.

Rant on Yahoo Skip if you don't wanna hear rant

Also, take note, that Yahoo sucks big time. Make sure ur firewall is up and that you log on securely because otherwise it is unsecure. Their support personels are also useless and don't give a hoot about their users.

I wrote 4 times to them requesting help. Each time I get an automated reply. In my 4th email to them, I pointed out to them that the hacker went in and changed my profile details, I can't verified my original profile, it's been changed. However, I can provided details that is not from my profile. Information that would be logged in their email server, like my IP or my timetable. All of which would be logged in their mail server and can't be hacked like my profile. I asked them, you are going to allow a hacker (who changed my profile data) to rummage through my emails because I can't verify my changed profile. I have sensitive emails inside. At least suspend or delete my account if I can provide matching details (Not from my yahoo profile) to their log. I don't see why they can't, especially if Hotmail staff can and will go that extra mile. They emailed another automated reply to me saying how they can't do anything because I can't match details with what is in my yahoo profile.

I sincerely hope the twerp of a hacker will get just dues in the end. And as for yahoo, they can go fly a kite for all I care. It'll be useless to do anything now, it's been 5 days. The hacker would have already rifed through all my mails and gotten what they want. My account is lost, with it, 10 years of data. I was with yahoo for 10 years and this is what I get in the end. I certainly won't be using them anymore, not if that is what they call support.