Thursday, March 10, 2005


Sophie Bag
Sophie's body is completed. I hope my measurements, based on my swatch is not way out. I'm left with the straps to complete. 2 straps of 20 inches and I'm done. Hopefully, I can felt it before Saturday. I'll take a pic tomorrow if I finish the straps and measure it well before trying felting.

Cable Project
Cable has stalled due to my feverish desire to finish Sophie first. I have so far, frogged it 3 times. Now it's at the 8th row or something. I noticed that I didn't do the edge correctly. I'm knitting the wrong side as the right side. But I'm really tired of frogging so I'll leave the Cast On stitches alone. I'm trying to change the main front panel. I don't quite like the design so I'm changing it to a simple criss cross cabling pattern from another pattern book.

Now this is quite a challenge for me because I'm spastic...*grins. Actually, I'm trying to learn a few things all at once. I'm learning cabling, I'm learning how to read the charts, I'm not knitting it in 2 panels like the chart says, I'm knitting 1 whole piece flat so I only have to seam 1 side. (*Confusing myself at the same time) I'm trying to change that pattern and I wanna add short rowing for shaping at the chest level. Yea I love to give myself a fit. Now, someone hand me a reality feed before I drown myself. hehe

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