Monday, March 07, 2005

Sophie bag

Weekend have been a big rush. There are a hundred and one thing that absolutely had to be done.

Siow Chin was asking what I was doing from the 1000 Sweaters...:)I've chosen but it needs tweaking. I'll post about it soon. Gimme a bit 'o time yea.

Meanwhile, since I need instant gratification. Armed with my recent mini felting experience and great tips from Celia, thank you Celia!!! I decided to go ahead with the Sophie Bag. I also found 1 ball of Patons DK 100% wool which must have been lying around for 10 yrs. Not mine, I assure you, but no one wants it anymore. So I've decided to do Sophie in 2 colors.

I must say, this is the first time I'm dealing with wool, if I thought the good quality wool from China was slightly scratchy, mind you, this China wool I was told is very good stuff and expensive to! Patons is itchy powder. It was really itchy, scratchy and coarse. I'm so glad I've used up the whole Paton ball and have gone on to my cream wool. It feel so much nicer to knit with and so soft! I really appreciate it now. Did quite a lot of progress last night. Can't wait to get back to it tonight. If this one works out well, I'm probably gonna be hooked on felting bags for a while. *Grins

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