Wednesday, March 02, 2005

My Felting Experiment

Well well well what do you know *big big grin! Remember that wool I was going to use for a Sophie bag and the list of Knit things to do? Yea, last night I tried to felt it. Yep, I did it by hands cause I don't have a washing machine with hot water.

So, for my first foray into felting, I got a bowl and squirted some dishwashing liquid into it. Poured in hot water and mixed everything up. Then I put the swatch in.

It expanded immediately and I was like "whoa!". I proceeded with a metal butter knife to stirred and agitated it. Then I took it out and run it over cool water and scrubbed it. I alternated the treatment.

For the first 5 mins, nothing much, it just got slightly fuzzy. I was thinking "Oh no, the experiment is a failure!". It wasn't until 10 mins later that it started really felting nicely. Finally, I left it soaking in hot water and got back to it 5 mins later. It was visibly felted.

Conclusion After 20 mins -

- 20 mins of fun and anticipation
- One lopsided (the sides are longer), 70% felted (stitches are still slightly visible) swatch
- One pair of tired, scalded, squeeky clean and super dry bare hands

I probably did it very inelegantly..:) But I don't know how else to do it since I don't have a hot water washing machine. Any other tips or advice from anyone else is deeply appreciated. :)

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