Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Application for Annual Blog Leave

I'm applying for a hiatus. Life and work is getting in the way. Posts would be sporadic. There's random craftiness but no pictures yet. A little bit of news here and there.

Ruth was here for a very short visit to KL last month. I'm glad I was able to meet up with her despite the very last minute of it all...:) Though it was unfortunate Doreen was not able to make it. The picture is at Ruth's site.

Deety tagged me and I still owe her that. I'll get around to that I promise...:)

Butterfly is progressing slowly. I'll post pix later. I finished a bag of my own design, I'm up to another. I'll post pix later too. Thanks everyone! For lending some comfort on Green Tea, there was some great suggestions to make it something else. Thing is, I ripped the thing before I got the messages. Wah! Otherwise, I could have saved it. Also, my sewing patterns arrived and I've started something few days back. All in good time girls. Cheers!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Demises and Debutes

The Demise of Green Tea
As much as I squirm, whinge and wiggle, there's just no escaping the truth. Thanks to some of the girls who have been giving ideas to save Green Tea from a ignomous death. But the plain fact is, I can't pass my own test. How on earth do you hide 8 inches of extra material on a camisole tube? If I modify it to ribbing or st st to bring it in, I wouldn't be satisfied. If I try to do a short cut and seam the sides in, no one might know, but I would. Every single time I see it or take it out. I would. Darn it for being in a mood to be fussy. Darn darn darn. It goes to the frog pond. But not yet. I can't bear to yet, I'm a wuss. At least, that gives me a chance to rework the cables. I was thinking of maybe this or something else. We'll see, I don't want to touch it yet.

The Debut of the Butterfly

That, my ladies, it the swatch for my next WIP. The Rowan butterfly dress. I was digging my stash restlessly when something clicked as I lay my eyes on my Sirdar Silky Look. While the original pattern calls for KSH, it is way to hot for our climate here. So I'll have to make do with Silky Look. It'll make up for my Green Tea setback. Excuse me girls, have a great weekend. I can't wait any longer to start my calculations for Butterfly.