Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Wedding Garter

About Wedding Garters
Not mine if that's what you are thinking. :)
I had a conversation with a girlfriend the other day. She is getting married! So one thing lead to another and the next thing I knew, I promised to make her a wedding garter. We found a few patterns on the net and she settled for a crochet wedding garter. Have a peek! Delicious ain't it?

So after warning her that my crochet skills is elementary and I need ample of time we met up the very next night. I took her to one of my LYS so she could choose her color and ribbon and after discussion this is what we ended up buying.

Now if I do it right, it should hopefully come out half as good as that picture. I have plenty of time to perfect it since her wedding is in November. Looks like my list of must knit and crochet is growing exponentially.

Sophie Update

On another note, Sophie is driving up the wall. I knitted up the handles only to realized that they weren't attached where it was suppose to be. It was skewed. I didn't check it properly before knitting it up. Sigh. So I ripped the handles. Being too eager to start felting. I decided to leave out the handles for later.

Night 1
I alternate between hot and cold water scrub. Then I threw it in the washer, cold wash (*no hot water washing machine), poured a bit of hot water in it. Then I did it again. Finally I just dumped it in for a full wash.

Day 2
Woke up in the morning to fish it out. Mild felting. I threw it in a pail with soapy water

Night 2
Interestingly enough, the soak has felted it more. Now it looks slightly fuzzy. I dumped it into the washing machine for a full wash again. Took it out. Now this is the part that drove me crazy. Apparently, my swatch felts differently from the actual bag. The depth has shortened due to felting, but not the width! So now instead of a cute Sophie, I got a long bag. No pictures yet. Sorry. I'm sure you can understand that I was in no state to take any. I threw it in the pail of warm water and scrubbed it more, then I left it soaking overnight again.

Day 3
I didn't look at it. Now I'm wondering about tonight. Is it a record for the slowest felting for a bag? I estimate it to be 5 days at the rate I'm going. :-\ Time to go on with my cable project. I hope I can work out the schematics on my main panel change correctly. I'm hopeless at maths most times.

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