Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Hand Winding & Recycling

For me, the word messy basically sums up my experience with hand winding. I tend to mess it up and end up untangling it for hours. So winding for me, is normally a dogged 3 hrs all the way to 4 days if I really mess it up. Recently, many bloggers have been showing their creative ways of winding their balls, a problem which I have been thinking thru and thru. My problem is a holder. I always mess up there. I sorta hit the nail now. I found a 'holder' from Ikea. *grins

Yep, my holder is a Ikea door hanger. LOL I was washing laundry the other day and I found this lying around. We got it for a rack at the laundry room but it somehow didn't get fitted into the rack, so it was lying around. And since it's not doing anything, I put it to work!

hehehe! The phone there is just for a size gauge on the ball of yarn. It works great and takes me only half an hour to wind now. What glee! Simple things in life do make it fun! The balls looks so nice now. Sorta like a Japanese Temari Ball. I like the fact that this cream yarn has a thin skein of shiny cream in the middle. And now that my white is totally winded, I can start on my reknits! Yay!

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