Monday, March 07, 2005

The Puppy Incident

Some idiot#$%^& dumped a puppy on the wee morning of Saturday. When I said wee morning, I mean like, 4 am. SW woke up to the squealing, peeked out and saw the poor thing trying to climb out of the drain outside his house. He had to rescue the poor thing. I mean what's wrong with these ppl? This is not the way to do thing. If you can wake up at unearthly hours and drive around just to dump a puppy, what's with bringing the poor thing to PAWS or SPCA. What goes around comes around. I really hope they get what they deserve in the end.

For the first 2 days, the poor thing kept running under the car and the inside drain to hide. She looks like a mix of Labrador and beagal or something? Her paws definitly belongs to a Labrador. Very sweet and quiet unless she gets herself in a spot. Probably about 4 mths. She's very intelligent, she runs under the car and peeks at you and crawl about to follow your movements as you walk about doing your thing. Now that we are feeding her, she comes to us when she is called. She snuck out of the house to do her business last night and got stuck inbetween the gate trying to get back in. Set up a howl I was told. Very surprising that she would actually sneaked out to do it so she won't soil the front yard.

Now she's getting more confident and a little cheeky. She dragged out all of Gigi's cloth from the cage and just left it there. Probably too smelly LOL. Helping with spring cleaning. She likes to give sad eye looks.:) The pictures doesn't really show her up well. I wasn't able to get better pictures cause she was scared and huddling after a shower.

I'm in love with the dear thing but I can't keep her. I live in a condominium and she'll be a big gal. SW can't keep her either. Funny that all these animals always end up at his place..:) They have their hands full with Mimi, remember the rescued kitten? and Gigi, another rescued dog. So we are looking for a good home for this little puppy. So if you live in Malaysia and you are interested in the puppy, email me.

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