Monday, March 14, 2005

Saturday Meetup

Date : Saturday, 12th March
Time : 1.30 to 2ish
Venue : Local Shopping Center in PJ
Members : 5 out of 6
Description : Stitch and gossip
Details :

We all had a blast at this meetup. For one, we had a new member, Vanessa who joined us. Mona unfortunately couldn't make it. We all missed her.
The meet up was at one of the local small shopping center. Conveniently (*wink) it had (1) a LYS and (2) a starbucks to knit and chat in after. We had lunch, went to the LYS and had a whale of a time.

We adjourned to Starbucks after where we had more fun knitting and gossiping. We got weird looks but those people decided to leave us alone after looking at our wickedly sharp, dangerous knitting needles and tongue. (*grins) What fun! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Our next meetup would be at another local area with a LYS and a Starbucks around the corner. Can't wait for that one!

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