Saturday, November 26, 2005


Tagged by MiMi and Kitty Kitty and also Meowgirl(if she had gotten to me first :))

1.What is your all-time favourite yarn to knit with ?
All time favourite? Hmm, I don’t really have one yet. I like to experience different yarns. Though if I have to choose, Rowan 4 ply and Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud comes to mind.

2. Your favourite needles ?
None at the moment actually. It depends on what I’m knitting. I have a preference for circs, pointy points and the kinda of nylon string that doesn't twist so much like the Addis.

3. The worst thing you ever knit
That have to be my very first project. Eons ago, while I was still a teen I saw this off shoulder sweater on a TV show that I just had to have. I got the stuff in KL. The Malaysian knitters will find this very familiar. The shop suggested doubling the yarn. Yup, their favorite con. They didn’t follow any pattern either. Let’s just say the pattern wasn’t even like what I described to them. I chucked it aside when I reached the collar. It weighed a ton because of the doubling of yarn, was way too warm for weather here and I knew I’d never wear it. I dug it out 6 years down the road, completed it and gave it to my aunt who lives in a colder climate.

4. Your favourite pattern
Don’t have one, but I have many favourite patterns LOL. Right now I’m into ruffles and lace. Current favourites are Butterfly and AV Ruffled Cardigan.

5. Most valuable knitting technique
A few actually. Knitting in the round, (I hate seaming, I’m terrible at it.) Short rowing as my Lelah attested. And continental knitting.

6. Best knit book or magazine
I haven’t found a best. I’ve found many good ones.

7. Your favourite knit-along
Currently, it has to be Butterfly a long :)

8. Your favourite knit blogs
Well, I wouldn’t be reading if I didn’t like them now would I?

9. My favourite knitwear designer
I draw inspiration from things that catches my eye. So, I don’t really have a favourite designer yet. No designer has been ‘calling’ my name.

10. The knit item you wear the most.
Orangina. It’s the only piece that can work and play at the same time.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I took the opportutnity to take pics last weekend while snapping some samples. Life is still hectic. I'm still wishing for a long break which would be hard to come by right now. Anyways,

That's my butterfly progress. Not much huh? I have another 4 to 5 repeats before I'm done. My knitting and sewing is really plodding right now. Good news is, I found the right shade for the shift I'm going to make for butterfly to wear under. Yep, butterfly is lying right on top of it. It's a warm dark chocolately wine color. That's the way I can best describe it. Do you think it goes well?

I got a nice fushcia pink lining to go with my bamboo bag. But yep, no time yet. I'm also plodding with minisweater until last night. I had to frog it completely to restart. That's what you get when you are too tired to pay attention to your knits at 12 midnight.

I'm leaving you with these wandering soap dispensers. They do look like they are looking about their surroundings. My favourite pair of tourists, recently arrived..:)

When I saw them, I knew I just have to get them. I find the overall packing really unique and appealing. The sheep, which reminds me of wool and knitting and a cheerful translucent minty green colored mint flavored hand soap! Pretty unique my part of the world. Well, don't look at me like that! I know the soap in the dispenser is white. Well...:) you didn't think that the mint flavored soap would stay in there forever right? For some reason after getting it, my bathroom seems to be a favourite whenever anyone needed to wash their hands. I had to refill with whatever else I have now until I get more the next time. There's other cutesy in this range too.

PS I know my blog is having some technical issues. My bloglines subscription list has disappeared too. Bear with me yea, I haven't have the time or energy to deal with codes right now.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Of Garters and Bags

Annual leave I said, it's beginning to look more like a sabbatical..:) I'm still catching up on a hundred and one things in my life. It doesn't seem to be slowing down. Anyways, just a quick 'sporadic' post here.

My Friend's Wedding Garter

This is the second garter I'm doing for her wedding which is coming by very soon. The first garter was too loose and she wanted a snug fit. I wish she would let me put beads at the lace edge though, it would have been lovely but she didn't want anything that might cut into her skin while wearing it. A very pleasant crochet this one.

Bamboo Bag

Few weeks back, there was this one day I felt so stressed out, I just sat down and knit and knit and knit. I think I slept at 3am or so. Knitting under duress. LOL This is a bag I whipped up that night with the one ball of Rowan River Tape that I got. I quite like the effect with the bamboo handles. It's not completed yet, the lining haven't gone in yet and I have to figure out some technical details, like how to keep the stitches on and how do I want my lining to be like and the sort of button I want there. I used a semi precious stone as a button there, but I'm finding it heavy.

Nothing much else. Butterfly is plodding, I forgot to take a pic of that. Nothing else a doing yet. Some plans though. Cheers!