Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Craft Goodies

Hello gals,

Thanks for all the lovely comments. Yes, I'm very lucky to have kitty kitty spoil me rotten that way. Jejune, it's a plush peeps and I can't stop touching it. :)

Also, thank you for all the support and comments on our cat, Mimi. He is in a better place now though he is still sorely missed. We think of him from time to time. Perhaps we'd adopt another kitty sometime in the near future once we are ready to move on. Though it will not be the same. :)

I was going to post about my recent FOs and then I realize that the pictures are not in this machine. So I'm going to post about something else since I have the pictures with me. :)

I joined a craft swap in Craftster called the Sweat Shoppe Swap. It's a swap where each crafter craft out 5 items and send it out to 5 other crafter. In return, you get to choose 5 different items from 5 other crafter and they'll send the items to you. It was fun and crazy. I joined for 2 rounds, which means I had to craft 10 items and will receive 10 items in return. I decided to do 5 beaded chokers and 5 pincushions. For close to 2 weeks, it was nothing but crafting those little babies after work. LOL

I really love the chokers. It took a while to come out with the design. I made 2 rings at the side of the pendants and decided to keep the suede leather thong as it is so it can be tied in a variety of ways. You have no idea how hard it is to photograph beads! I took tons of shots and most of them came out with either too much glare or the color is so off you wouldn't believe it! I think I'd probably make another batch soon.

And these were the 5 pincushion designs I came out with based on the shape and color preferences of my receivers. I hope I'm not spoiling the surprise for them here, all the items has been sent already. I hope they'll get them soon. You should have seen me at the post office mailing out 10 registered mail items. It was madness I tell you! LOL

On the side, I have got to try to update my blog more often. Thing is, I've been doing a lot of things but I can't seem to find the time to take good pictures. I write my posts when I can but I run out of time and gift the items without a picture. That was a couple of booties, crocheted drawstring bags, some beaded goodies, all gone without a picture or mention. And a post just doesn't seem to be the same without the pictures, so the post gets deleted. Even my writing has gone rusty! :| I gotta do better. I'm going to commit to 2 to 3 posts a month on average, 1 post a month at the least if I'm extremely bz. Hmmm, let's hope I can do it. Hey! That's 2 posts for this month already right? :D Let's see if I can top it with 3 next week. :p

Sunday, April 08, 2007

My Surprise Gift

As if a gift to shop at Pureknits was not enough, Kitty Kitty sent me a wonderful surprise package as well! This little innocuous package was waiting for me in the post office. I was so giddy with anticipation I opened it the minute I went into my car.

I have no idea how she manage to stuff so much goodies into the box but she really know how to spoil me!

In the package was Clauda Hand Painted Yarn in the colorway Buckeye. And I have no idea how she knew I was hankering for this, Euroflax Linen in one of my favourite colors, Neptune! Two packs of ribbons which I can already think of a hundred ways to use. The cutest keychain Sock Blocker Sock I just have to try very soon and a lovely Jasmine scented candle from Flower Shop.

That's not all she sent! This little Peeps bunny has happily made herself at home at my spa corner and insisted on having her picture taken at her new home. Last but not least, Altoids Dark Mint Chocolate which is not in the picture because hehe we've already started on them. :)

Thank you so much Kitty Kitty! You really spoilt me rotten! *hugs*