Monday, February 28, 2005

Recycling Parting Shot

There's something immensly satisfying about wearing something you knitted and getting compliments for it. (*big grin) I wore Tempting today. It's probably the first time I wore something I've knitted up out in public.

On to other knitty stuff, I've been quite busy taking care of odds and ends. I can't seem to start knitting something new with all the loose ends nagging at me from behind. So for the weekend, I've impatiently done all of it and finally casted on last night.

One, my recycling project. I have finally done the unraveling for all three garments. My white Espirit sweater yarn is drying, chenille is in the washing and the black sweater yarn is waiting for it's turn.

These are the parting shots for the 2nd and 3rd garment. The Chenille is huge! I already have 2 projects in mind for it. A skirt and a jacket coat. The white esprit yarn is going to be a cowl neck shell. The black yarn is destined for a shell or something the likes of it. I just have to find a right pattern for it.

And here's proof that I've been working hard on it.

I couldn't resist these 2 shots since my furkid conveniently stroll next to my recycled pile and sat there. This was only half of the recycled yarn and it's already as tall as her.

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