Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tuesday Post

Hmmm...somehow, I just don't feel like working. Haven't exactly been knitting lately. Too many things with work and all. Tempting is finally finished. I cast off on Saturday and spent Sunday sewing the sleeves together cause I knitted in one flat piece instead of the circular way as recommended. Blocked it yesterday. Now I just have to buy a nice ribbon and take a picture of me wearing it. heh heh heh

After blocking, I ran helter skelter to my mini stash and grab this and that. Lined it up together and grabbed all my patterns in Q, piled it next to those yarns plus those 2 sweaters I wanna recycle. Stared at the pile gleefully and then I got stumped. Yep, u heard me, I didn't get started. I got stumped. Quite frankly, I didn't know where to start. I gotta hand it to myself. *laugh ruefully. I feel really silly there. So I left it there and did my housechores. The pile is still sitting at home. I guess I'll go home and stare at my pile of knitting stuff a bit longer tonight. :)

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