Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Recycling forward!!!

First and foremost, I stand corrected by Lyn. (*grins) After checking, I realize that the purple yarn in my new stash is actually called Cotton Candy by Magic Garden. I'll bring one of each along our next meetup if you girls wanna have a look.

To my next subject....Recycling!

This was me, trying to figure out where the seams are to detach the panels of the sweater. This was where I started. I actually cut the seams out cause I couldn't 'pull' it out at all. I later found out, if you can't pull it out, try the other end. It works like magic everytime now.

The first one to go was the sleeve. I didn't think they'd seam the cast off ends too, couldn't get it started so I cut the selfridges out. Now I know better. Then, I unraveled from the wrong end and wondered why the last stitch at the sides is always 'locked' and doesn't unravel at all. Did a quick check on the internet and then tried the other end of the sleeve. The ripping went without a hitch after. Hooray!

And then I realized...oh no! I was so happily unraveling, I forgot to wind it up as I go along, so I got one big pile of mess. How big was the pile from one sleeve did you say? Take a look at my mobile next to it that I used as a gauge. :) *shakes head

Yup, this was me 2 days later, still trudging on with the untangling of the sleeve. It got so bad, I had to untangle from 2 different ends. The larger untangled threads are made into loops and clipped by my pink hair clip while the other end was rolled into a ball so it can squeeze thru the knots and tangles in the messy pile. Everytime SW walks by me, he shakes his head in disbelief. And everytime he does that, I have to laugh at him and at myself too. he he heh

I've completed the recycling of this sweater now. It was an interesting, comical and entertaining experience to me. I have 4 round white piles all tied up and waiting for their turn in the washing pail. Hope you had fun reading it.

I've started on the chenille jumper. I found another garment to recycle. A knitted black sleeveless shell. Will post pictures soon. Cheerios!

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