Thursday, February 24, 2005

Crochet BookMark

Ok, so I haven't been knitting at all. With work and all, I get home pretty late and there are always a hundred and one things to do for the house. My recycling is going real slow too. So last night, after recycling 2 sleeves from the chenille, I was extremely restless with the fact that I haven't done anything with yarn lately except frogging. So I decided to do something quick and fun. I did promise SW a bookmark so ..... 1 hr later, voila!

Pattern from CrochetMe by Donna Hulka

I know the picture isn't that good, it looks better real life. Really! I only have time to take shots at night so most of my pictures are quite dark.

This pattern should take 1/2 hr next time round and I won't even need to read the pattern again. It's real easy. We actually went around looking for beads but it was quite expensive. About RM10 for nice looking ones for the bookmark. I figured, hey I got lots of junk jewellery, so I dug them out. I used my leftover Sirdar Silky Look stash. Can you believe it? It still split though it was crochet. I think I'll probably make more of it.

Having said that, Silky Looks seems to be better with crochet. I'm going to dedicate my Silky Look stash for a lovely shawl, Ginevra from Adriafil. Tell me what you think of it. I have a nice Champagne color Silky Look for it.

On a funny note, the weather here had been horrendous! It's a furnace. My furkid is no longer an ewok. She's been shorn like a lamb. Her thick fur spilled over the floor of 2 ft but 1 1/2 ft and was about 2" high. Phew! But at least she's breathing easier now and not quite so heated up. Her body is still super warm though. I figured, her fur can still grow back, I'd rather not have her overheated.

Here she is warning me, ":"If you ever do that to me again!".

And here she is after, ready for a cool nap.

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