Thursday, February 03, 2005

Bummed out

Last nite, after a hard day's work, I crept home and rejuvenated by planning my CNY red tube top. I seriously doubt I can finish it in time. But it'll be my companion during the trip down and back. Hopefully, I can find enough time to finish it. After busily planning my top, deciding on the pattern and measuring it out. I happily grabbed my circular needles and cast on while watching American Idols wannabe wailing in TV.

While I was happily at the 1st row. Mr Nylon String decided to break up with his companion of 15 years, the Mdm Wooden Needle. Apparently, Mr Nylon thinks that the Mdm Needle is no longer compatible and wants to find someone err.. something more to his liking. All the stitches they spent cultivating for the past 1 hour were devastated and died as a result. Rumour has it that he was fed up with all the stitches running over him to the needle.

Sigh, to cut the story short. I went back to my knitting tool box and rumaged around. Then I realized that almost my whole collection of circulars are gone. I guess I really can't complain. Story goes, bout 15 years ago, I decided I want to learn knitting. Mom took me to a yarn shop and they unscrupulously (I didn't know better at that time) loaded me with straights and circular needles. When I came round to knitting again 1 year back, I got re-united with the whole set.

These set of Japan made wooded circulars have lasted quite a long time considering the humid heat here. They all just slipped out of their sockets without a by ur leave last nite. Now I'm wondering if they are repairable with ...maybe superglue or would they go unhinged real quick again. I guess I won't know till I try. I'll be shopping a little tonight cause I'm impatient to start on my project.

Cheers all.

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