Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Yesterday's post was about a little about CNY. Today's post hehe. I dunno. I have plenty I wanna do but finding time is another thing. So this is more like notes to myself.

1.) Revamp my site. Still feeling about and trying to understand codes. I barely have time for this right now. Trying to feel the right themes for myself now.

2.) I have taken a few pictures in my camera that I still have haven't download so I still can't post those. Need to do that soon.

3.) My mom's back from Melbourne. She brought me some yarn that I'm dying to post a picture of. All cottons, very nice pastel pinks and purples and a couple of Gedifra in a 'stone' color. And oh no! a cream color of that Sirdar Silky Look again! Argh! ooo can't wait to start something, if only I know what hehe

4.) I'm staring at my recycle pile every night cause everytime I want to start, I realize I don't have a camera and need to borrow SW's. Got the camera now. Now my timing is all wrong. Must do this weekend!

5.) CNY tube! I did a simple rib pattern. I don't like how it turned out. Gonna frog it. Dunno what else to do with it. Maybe the doggie sweater for SW's sweet little Pincsher, Gigi. Which reminds me, I haven't post her pix yet.

6.) I crocheted a cute flower, brought it to the last Knit Meet. I wanted to show it but thought I didn't bring it. Went home and realized I lost it somewhere in the shopping center. So I crocheted a bigger flower in Singapore. hehe Gonna take pix tonite.

ok I think I have enough to drown in now. Back to work! I can drown myself in it tonight..:) Later gals!

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