Saturday, February 19, 2005


I've been a bad girl. I haven't been knitting at all after abandoning the Red CNY Tube. Instead, I've been oogling over my new stash, learning how to recycle old sweaters and browsing over patterns to see what I wanna knit and how to match it with my current stash.

Recycling have been a little rough going. Mainly because I'm making time consuming mistakes but I'm learning. I'm thanking all the knitters who has kindly posted tips and helpful information on how to go about it at their blogs. It really helps.

Here's a peek at my farewell shot of the sweater I decided to start with first. I have 2 of these Espirits so I thought I might as well. Really nice and soft. Only problem is there are a few places where it has been snagged and individual threads have snapped.

I already have a few pix but I'll wait till I finish recycling the yarn before I post it all. I must say, it's a interesting experience that has already taken me 4 nights of trial runs.

Notes: My Top 3 from my really long Wanna Knit List

1.) A jacket/coat
2.) A doggy coat for SW's small little Gigi
3.) Rebecca Tunic - Probably tunic along with Lyn and Mona Eyeing yarns for it now.

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