Friday, January 28, 2005


Yesterday while surfing, I read about recycling yarns and stuff. Got into Rekal . It got me peaked so I went home and dug about. I found 2 perfect guinea pigs, checked their seams and yay! Think they'll do very well. Now I'm so excited I'm gonna look around for a suitable pattern for them.

I bought this in Australia eons ago during the chenille craze for AUS10. After coming back, the problem with Malaysia weather is the hot outside and cold inside the buildings. Sweaters and pullovers are not practical, you don't want to keep dressing and undressing over your head. I'm thinking of a nice chunky jacket with this one. Jackets and cardigans are the most pratical choice and easier to put on and remove. I can probably do a coat with it looking at the size? Anyone with a nice pattern to recommend?

This on the other hand, was a 'donation' from a good friend. In fact, I have 2 of the same color and pattern from her. Might as well frog one and make something else with it. The yarn is really nice and soft for this one and it would be a shame to not use it. I'm still thinking of something for it. Probably a tank top. Suggestions would be welcomed.

On Tempting, I almost killed myself with it last night. Yep, I was so determined to finish it, I went at it till 3 in the morning. By then, my hands are aching cause I was gripping my needles too tight and my eyes were crossed trying to see the yarn. At the end, 2 rows from the finish line, I waved the white flag and promptly collapse into a snore. I'll be back at it again tonite. *wink

I would like to share this one out too. Apparently, there is a new Online Knit Magazine called Spun up and coming. Debuting Feb. I've subscribed. Can't wait to check it out.

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