Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Knit Meet Up!

Yep! We met up! Mona, Lyn and I finally had our meetup yesterday after all our initial hiccups. Yay! hehe catch the pictures at Mona's blog when she post them up. I certainly had fun, it was really nice to meet other like minds and drool over each other's work. *grins Hopefully, we'll be doing it again.

Progress report :

My Tempting is 80% completed. Sometimes I think of it as more of a tempestuous one. It is a very simple and elegant project. The grouch part is the yarn itself. At every few rows, I have to stop and pick up all the 'split' rows. It's enough to make me weep dramatically. There you go. It's surprisingly small unstretched. I'm dying to finish the yoke so I can do a actual fitting.

Also, the Honeymoon cami picture that I have promised two weeks back. You'll have to excuse my amatuer photography skills though. I promise to get better in future. *grins.

There's plenty of mistakes. The reason why I waited so long to take a pic was also because I had to frog one of the straps. I made one longer than the other and it looked lopsided. If you noticed, near the hips area on the right side, there is too much yarn there so there's a slight bulge. Not that I mind, and nope, I'm not gonna frog it for the sixth time again. But I learned plenty from Honeymoon Cami about shaping and circular knitting. I'm leaning towards circular knitting now. I like the 'I don't have to stitch the parts up' idea cause I suck big time there.


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