Monday, January 17, 2005

I spy with my own eye

Secret Pal 4! Now I'm contemplating joining. My concern is my time constraint and my newbie status. Anyone else joining?

Not much about knitting today. Managed to finish Tempting up to the underarms. Now it's 12 1/2 inches. Time to start on the arm sleeves! My wrist hurts though when I twist it at certain angles. But hey hey! *big grin Looks like Tempting can make it's debut during CNY after all.

Last nite I was rummaging my collection of digital pictures and I found a few photos of my furkid when she was younger. Makes me smile. So here you go, my reminiscence and her transition. I shld post a pic of her when she was little. She was multi colored. I need to dig it up.

Goes by the name, Babe, a Shih Tzu X Maltese Mix. She has a host of other names courtesy of my parents. Mom calls her 'fatty bom' cause her food drive is so strong she'll do anything for snacks. Babe actually answers to all her nicknames. Don't ask me how she gets it straight. I got her while I was studying overseas and brought her back with me when I graduated.

This a picture of her just waking up and unbending herself. I always wonder how on earth she contorts her body into a u shape and sleep like a log. Back then, she was just back from Aussie with me and all white. Bout 4 years back.

This is her at the end of 2003.
We had a garden then. she would run around in and she loves getting her paws and muzzle into things she had no business in.

This is her now. Yep, she is putting on some weight. My mom doesn't call her 'Fatty bom' for nothing. She knows how to act cute so my parents give in to her. As she gets older, her muzzle and paws changes color. Her fur has changed color too. I took her to a vet the other day and they labeled her a Senior! LOL! To me, she'll always be my little naughty kid, she can be quite a minx when she wants too. Somehow 'senior' seems to be outa synch with her. I love her to bits and pieces.

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