Thursday, January 13, 2005

New Projects?

The other day, I spied with mine own eyes....these in my LYS, comtemplated for oh like 1 second? and got one of each on impulse to see how they go together before getting more.

I was hoping to finish Tempting and then do up a Tube Top with these 2 babies. *Roll eyes. Yeah right. I especially like the brown Tweed like yarn. If it works out, I'd buy more of it to do a hipster mini skirt with it. Should look good. Now I just have to find or work out a nice pattern for it. What am I doing?!?! haha I have tons of "I gotta do that next" patterns. And now I just got distracted again.

Did anyone have a look at Rowan so far? There's a pattern called Floss. Have a look. really ordinary huh? Well, take a look at this one. Now this one really nail it in. Gorgeous huh? I wouldn't even have notice the original pic otherwise.

Last night, I tagged along Mid Valley shopping mall. So while SW was busy, I was going to Starbucks to work with my laptop. Then I found out that my battery was low and they didn't have a power socket. So instead, I was doing some serious browsing of knitting books for 2 hours. Talk about killing my shoulders and legs in high heels with a heavy Laptop.

I plowed though the Japanese craft books at Jusco. I couldn't understand what was written, but the pattern charts were clearly written. A hooch pooch of treasures, there's something for everyone. One book that caught my eye teaches you to knit using your fingers instead of knitting needles. Now that was very interesting. The patterns were very nice too. I headed to MPH after to pour over their knitting books, nothing much to shout about there. Surprise surprise, I came back empty handed. But now I keep thinking of that finger knitting magazine. Sigh...

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