Thursday, January 27, 2005

Impatiently Tempting

Remember the movie The Mummy Returns? Remember the scene where the hero and heroine's little boy kept irritating his captor by saying "Are we there yet?" once every minute? Yep, that's how I am with Tempting right now. The yoke needs about 6 inches to complete. I have about 2 and a half inches more to go but it's creeping ever so slowly even though I'm trying to knit as fast as I can. Does anyone else feels like that towards the end of a project?

After looking at it critically last nite, I decide I could squeeze into it despite of the circular needles. Luckily my circular needles big enough to rest on top of my shoulders. Not too bad. It looked like a crop top that way. A little plain, nothing a ribbon or a flower can't fix. It definitely needs blocking though. Now I'm wishing time would fly so I can go home and hopefully complete Tempting tonite.

We managed to get a stationary picture of Mimi the other day, finally! So I thought I'd share this rare picture with you today. She was in a docile mood that day, even so, we only managed 1 clear picture.

If only she and my furkid can get along. It would have been lovely snapping a photo of them together.

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