Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Tempting Progress

Tempting was suppose to be a fast knit. Then I came along and it's been 2 weeks..:) my progress is only bout 8 inches. For some reason, I seem to be ultra slow with it. Probably because my gauge is a lot smaller because I'm using another sort of yarn and the yarn keep splitting. I don't think Tempting can make it before Chinese New Year...I'm about 8 inches only so. I manage to get in about 1 to 2 inches per night only. It's extremely stretchy. I got kinda worried at first cause the width was a handspan and a half.

Then I stretched it out and there you go. Here's a picture of it stretched.

I haven't decided on the color of the ribbon. I'm thinking of a Silver one for a Night out Tempting but I can't seem to come up with a good color to transform it into a striking day wear Tempting yet. Any suggestions anyone? If you would like to see some completed Temptings, you should visit Craftster and check out the Tempting Knitalong as well the the Completed Knitting Projects section. Many of those are simply gorgeous.


emy said...

hi Laura, if you decide to trot down to Singapore, let me know in advance so that we can arrange to meet up!

Cheers, Emy

mona said...

Hi Laura
I'm Mona another knitter in Malaysia- hope to see you this weekend with consomme.
What yarn are you using for Tempting? - looks very "tempting"! ;)