Thursday, January 06, 2005

New Year Party Pixs

Ok, just got all the pixs from my friend. Unfortunately, most of the pictures were really blur. This was the best shot of all. So...:) Take a guess, I'm the one with the overly bright silver frames. Partied with a few collegues at a bar near our office. Had loadsa fun. Still figuring out how to use Blogger. Do have patience while I decide on the look and feel of the site please.

A little update on Tempting. It's going real slow. I only managed 1/2 inch last night. So now it's about 3 and a half inches. Sigh. I have another project planned. A few actually. But I wanna to do up a nice bright colored tube for Chinese New Year which is on the 9th of February. One comment on the yarn I'm using though. I have a short skirt, inspired by Rowan and a cute hand bag lined up next.

I promise to take some shots of my Honeymoon cami and the Tempting this weekend and have it up next week. Commenting on the yarn I used for both. I bought 6 skeins of Sirdar Silky Look in blue for a Basic turtleneck Berroco Pattern 2 years back. Frogged it three quarter ways cause it looked terrible. Since then, it has been in my itsy bitsy stash until I whipped it out for Tempting. I bought the same thing for Honeymoon Cami. 3 Skeins of the white. I think it's the last I'll buy of it. It's terrible. You't can take ur eyes off the knitting at all. It has 3 skeins into one and everytime you take ur eyes off, it splinters and u got to correct it. It's horrible. Just ghastly.

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Doreen said...

Hi Laura,

Welcome to the World of Knitting and Blogging. Glad to hear we have another knitter in Malaysia. I'm Doreen and you can visit my website at I agree with you that we should have knitting meetup during the weekend. See whether we can meetup during the weekend one of this days.

Nice to meet you.