Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Naughty Kitty Cat

Well, since I'm on the roll here with animals...:D Meet Mimi. Nope, she doesn't belong to me. My furkid hates cats. Though it was her own fault. When she was a pup, she decided to chase my friend's cat, which I might add, was bigger than her. I didn't know what happened cause she chased the cat into a room while ignoring me. Came running back to me. After that, everytime she sees a cat... she gets angry. Enough bout my furkid. I tried to introduce them together. Didn't work out. Meet Mimi!

Gorgeous isn't she. Not so when SW found her. This was how she looked then.

She was found hiding underneath one of their cars. They heard her cries, gave her food and water, but left her there cause they thought that the mother cat will come back for her. After a few days, they realized she was abandoned and managed to fish her out. She looked so poor thing huh. Went to the vet a few times too. Her tail is half gone cause it was infected. Now look at her.

She is growing well and very naughty too. Likes to bite and claw everybody's toes. I am fervently hoping she outgrows it. She's teething now...:) We had to hold her to take photos cause she moves way to fast otherwise and all you see are blurry faces. I especially love the color of her eyes. Beautiful huh? She looks like half a siamese

One of my next project would be to knit her some toys. I'm settling for the patterns in Knitty. My next intro would be Gigi, SW's dog. For some reason all dogs loves SW. I have to take pictures this weekend first. Gigi also have a project lined up for her...:) a doggy jacket cause she is short fur. Only kiddo not getting one is my own dog. Poor babe. But she has too much fur and always feels have no excuse to knit her something...:( unless someone can suggest something for my kiddo I haven't thought of.

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