Monday, January 10, 2005

Incoming Pics

Every day that I do blogging, I learn something new. I'm probably doing a lot of things the hard way right now but..:)

I took some pictures during the weekend. All I have to say is I need more practice with the digital camera. Some pictures came out really dark. But I thought I'd share them anyway. Good way to practice on blogging too. So here goes.

This is my Honeymoon Cami, courtesy from Julie. The pattern can be found in in Knitty. I have another shot of me wearing it, since I was snapping photos, I hurriedly put it on. ... but.... I was half asleep doing chores in the morning with my hair uncombed. So I suggest waiting for one where I'm more presentable unless you want a horror flick. I know I'll wait, thank you.

One of my earlier projects. I wanted a bikini and found Brazilian Bikini by Beatriz Medina. It looks real nice, but I'll never be able wear it though. Firstly, I made it too small. Secondly, I was told by my LYS, my tension is not even, so some parts are too tight, others too loose so it's a little bit uneven and bumpy. I'll be trying another pattern soon.

hmm ok, this is not working out. Looks like I have to edit the pictures a little bit more. Guess I'll post the rest tomorrow after I edit them. Sorry guys. Bear with me...:D I'm a newbie.

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