Monday, May 30, 2005

Temptation everywhere! Argh!

This is terrible, just terrible! I know I made a mistake blogging about my wait list! Now everytime I look at my existing WIPs I heave a sigh and stare soulfully at my other yarns. They seem to be hynotizing me, asking gently " But what about us?". I guess the grass is always greener on the other side until it's on your side. Ok ok, so I cheated. I gave into temptation and started Branching Out with my mystery wool. I'm still trying hard not to start something right now though I have a feeling I'm losing the battle.

On the knitting front, nothing much to post on my 3 WIPS, not much progress. I've barely managed to knit Kiri back to where I stop before frogging 12 rows. She is a very tricky dame and I've got more and more knitalicious stuff lining up in the wait list too. Shrugs, laces shawls and socks are the in thing right now. Personally, socks don't do it for me. There was only 1 pair in Knitty archives that I like. I'm more into bags, tanks, camis and shawls. Now, add shrugs to it too. It's high on my knitlist now.

What's that? Last weekend you say? Let's put it this way, see my Inky Mood at my side bar? Notice that it's been "Tired/Sleepy" for a loooong while? Yea, still that way. In fact, coffee didn't help me today either.

So, today I'll entertain you with mugshots of my furkid. Quite simply because I have no good WIP shots. So, presenting her

before and after. :) It's amazing what a haircut can do. My parents didn't want me to cut her fur. They wanted it long. But furkid grew up in Aussie with me, so she couldn't take the weather here when she came back and I didn't have time to comb out her tangles like when I was in Uni. So I cut it routinely and experiments with different dos. I still like the puppy cut best. That pic represents the most unkempt furkid look I can take before I whip out my scissors despite protests from dad. I think kiddo feels better with the cut too. Not too hot.

Oh yes! Here's something else too.

Sewing patterns that my mom got for me in her last Aussie trip. I'm still hunting for some nice fabric for the right most pattern pack. Yea yea I can hear some of my friends laughing already. Since when do I wear a skirt yea..:P Well, with this little number, I just might make an ocasional exception..:) After all, most of them seem to be getting married this year.

Now.. I'll go drift in outer space for a bit more....


Lois said...

its very natural to get tempted.

i wishto have cable projects tempting me.

Mimi said...

We all seem to have a long knitting list and only a pair of hands...
Your dog is very cute, in both haircut. Though the short one is cooler and neater.

Doreen said...


Baby looks cute...Really miss her.

TreVesco said...


what would I say?

Perfekt cutting! I really thought u took it to the shop ler ;)

Agnes said...

Your dog is so cute! I bet she likes taking photos!

Kimberly said...

I like the shorter hair too. You see more of your dog's little face.

Also, your Kiri shawl looks great. It's one I also want to make.