Friday, May 27, 2005

Knit Style Doldrums

yes yes, I've been terrible this week about posting and pictures. It hasn't been a very productive week for me. I'm getting sucked into a conspiracy by the WIP gang because they've decided that I'm moving too fast. After that tiff with Marmalade, Green Tea decided to join the fun and I ran out of yarn with Vanilla Seed and couldn't knit until I go home to get more ammunition. Then, I caved in and started negotiation with Branching Out armed with a ball of my mystery yarn. That didn't work out too. So yes, I'm hiding out now. Shhhh!

To top that up, a deal I was 'negotiating' fell through. We got betrayed by another gang up at the Post. (Errrr... what I meant was a magazine that I bought from a fellow knitter didn't arrive.) The dope was sent to Hawaii but was never arrived. It's now 20 days. It's gone missing.

Sigh.. dispensing with that gangstar talk...Did I mention also that I haven't been sleep well and there are a hundred and one things going on in my life right now? My parents are going off on a business trip and my relatives are coming and my application is running and I don't know what nots. I'll post pics next week. I promise.

Oh! I actually finished the wedding garter for my friend. It looked gorgeous. Excitedly, I took it to her and she loved it too. The only thing is, I made it exactly her measurements. I didn't take into account of the 'stretch'. So now I have to make another one and cut it back 3 inches. Then in our excitement, she wanted to keep the first one with her. And so, I forgot to take a photo of it before I pass it to her. Never mind..:) I shall take a photo of the second one.

On a lighter note, good news is, I managed to negotiate a deal with Green Tea after frogging some cables. And also, like a yarn addict I am, I spy with my own eyes, a new batch of vagriated 100% bamboo designer yarns in Axelle's site! Just yummy! Well what are you waiting for? Go look! shoo shoo !I'm so tempted.


Mimi said...

Hopefully your wip's will behave next week. :) Oh! the bamboo yarns are to die for it! Since I've noticed about bamboo yarns in a magazine ad, they keep appearing in blogs begging me to take them home....

Agnes said...

Looks like you really had a hectic week with WIPs and people around! Hope the WIPs would behave next week!