Thursday, May 12, 2005

Impatiently WaitListed

I think some of you visiting would be wondering what the heck is happening with my blog nowadays. My apologies, I wanted to do slight modifications to it. Ended up being fascinated by codes and my blog got all wonky. Still not getting it but learning, so be prepared for more changes...if I ever get to it. :D

Speaking of a long knit waitlist, I can only mourn that there is not enough knitting time in a day. I won't list my entire wait list. I'll just pick and choose from those I can't wait to start. I'm forcing myself finish my 3 items before I start on anything else.

Filatura Di Crosa - Portofino

The minute I saw this, I just had to knit it. The bust area of course would have to be modified a little. I'd prefer to cover up more. My olive color 4ply Rowan cotton was initially dedicated to it then my Peruvian Baby Silk from Elann finally showed up. That was it..:) I think I'll swap it in.

The Rowan Cotton tape you see there with the Peruvian silk is for the dark border. It's of different gauge but I'll work something out. You can see Rowan River Tape at the right side as well. I'm trying to fit it into the equation. I have no idea what to do with that one.

XBack or Lelah?
I need help here. I got 3 more balls of the Rowan Tape(picture above) from ebay, just arrived. This is going to be either Lelah or XBack project. What does everyone think? Lelah or X Back?

Phildar Flirt Jacket

Yes, I swatched this eons ago and have been doing nothing but staring and feeling it all this while. I wanted to do the jacket featured, then I realized it requires 3 types of yarn together. Since I only have Phildar Flirt, I'm going to use just that. In fact, my idea of a jacket includes lapels, which this Phildar Jacket doesn't have. So it's gonna be modified. I did the swatch first in stockinette for the first half, then I followed Phildar's knit in both Right and Wrong side of the swatch. I like the effect. I think I'll use that effect for the cuffs and lapels.

Phildar Baby Doll

This little number is going with my Jaeger Trinity in Flamenco. Speaking of Flamenco, I wasn't suitably impressed. I'm pretty luke warm about it. Love the color, it's gorgeous. But the yarn itself is another story. Probably my expectations is way off. I had expected some sort of sheen to it, I didn't expect it to be so matte and well, not well defined?

Yes, you get the idea of the sort of designs I like..:) I don't know yet, I might just swap the yarns around the patterns again. Anyone with suggestions?


Laura said...

where do you find such CUTE patterns? I love both of those tank tops. SO CUTE!

anmiryam said...

I vote for the x-back myself! I have friends who love the trinity knitted up. People say it's a lot like a Dk version of Rowan Summer Tweed, but I haven't used it myself.

Lois said...

i agree that the 2 tanks look delicious!!

Big Apple Knitting said...

I love that green Phildar pattern you were thinking of. Make it make it!! I was thinking of doing that one myself. I believe I have some of the trinity too. I'll be watching to see how that yarn works out.

Mimi said...

So many beautiful yarn! I have always wanted to try silk yarn. Let me know how was working with it. The tape yarn also looks nice. It's hard to decide which pattern to match for all your yarns...
For the top in question, I vote Lelah (maybe because it las lace pattern)