Friday, May 13, 2005

Funny little things!!!

Wow! Thank you everyone for responding so enthusiatically. This is something so warm and wonderful about our little world of blogging knitters. :) I'll be knitting all those I posted there and somemore. I guess the ribbon tape would be for X-back. I have other yarns for Lelah. I'll post that one up for opinions next week.

Funny Little things

Not much pictures today. So…! I had time to knit early this week, Wednesday specifically. Did I knit? Nope. I got caught up with these funny little things.

Wondering what on earth is that?!?!? :D

Well, the long story goes, a couple of bloggers started showing off beautiful custom made stitch markers. Since then it's been at the back of my mind. Then they decided to nudge me some more. They posted tutorials! How could a girl resist such outright invitation to do some herself!

By bits and pieces I suddenly found myself with all the materials at hand. Like for instance, couple of weeks back while rummaging through my stuff, I absently dug out some beads and stuff, bought previously and left them aside. 2 weeks later, I conveniently wandered into a handicraft shop, found and got myself some chain rings and pin heads. On Monday back, all pretense thrown off, I got myself a pair of long nosed pliers.

Wednesday nite, I sat down, stared at my loot, thought about it and made myself 3 pairs of stitch markers from a necklace. Yea yea I know, the picture above sucks..:) There you go. A better look.

This is what I've made.

You see, I had this wire choker necklace that I bought on impulse 3 years ago. I have never worn it and probably would never wear it. The beads were light and it was just lying about and I thought it would be a perfect practice piece before I use my beads, chain rings and pin heads. So I took it apart. I wish I took a picture of the it. It was a wire choker piece with beads dangling down the front.

This was what I basically did. I cut the end of the necklace and poured all the beads and dangling pieces out. Then I took the dangling pieces apart. I cut the wire necklace into 6 pieces. For each piece, I inserted 1 dangly piece and curled up both ends of the wire. Then I wrapped it best as I could around the biggest knitting needle I have to create a rough circle and Viola! You got yourself some stitch markers.

Mind you, it is very rough. For one, the stitch markers isn’t a perfect round. In fact, it looks a little mishapen. And I think I made it too big. Good thing is, because of the way I made it, the size is adjustable. My excuse? It’s my virgin piece. I didn’t exactly follow instructions. :P Well, it’s for my own use so I guess it’s ok. I’ve been using them for 2 whole days already and I’m happy to report that it doesn’t snag up any of my yarn and they don’t make my palm itch with I knit, not like the plastic ones that I have. (Note to myself : Need to make them heavier to weight it down slightly.)

All in all, it was a 3 hour exercise and my fingers hurt a bit after. It was good fun though. And now, I'll move on to my chain rings and t-pins. More! More! More!

These wonderful knitters were my resource. Just in case anyone wanna make some themselves


Illana from Knit Powers To Peace

Stacy from Sheep In The City (Look for her April 28th post.)

Laura(not me mind you :D) from Poor Miss Finch


mona said...

You know great minds think alike. Just yesterday I did some stitch markers too!!! How cool is that.

anmiryam said...

All these stitch markers appearing all over the place, I'm going to have to try some! Looks like fun.

Agnes said...

Nice! Good idea to recycle stuff we don't need/use anymore into something useful. I love making stitch markers too ... fun!

Mimi said...

I can tell you had a lot fun playing with wires. Now you need to knit more to use the stitch markers.:)