Friday, May 20, 2005

Bits and Ends

Yea yea, this is my second post for the day. I'm pissed with work and the office stinks because they painted the bloody conference room, they turned the aircon off and spray some bloody smelly stuff at the reception area. It's driving me to distraction. I'm making up for lost blog time and I feel the urge type more too. Need anymore reasons? *wink Anyways, I was reading up my bloglines today. Lori from Lorispeak certainly caught my attention. My goodness gracious, I think I've only been bitten by 3 things in comparison to her collection of bites! Let's see, I got bitten by mosquitoes, red ants and my furkid, end of my collection. I can't imagine cat fleas jumping up from the carpet to bite legs either. Eouch!

MeetUp Alternatives

Our little Malaysia group have been using for a few months. It was pretty sad for us that they decided to charge just as we were starting to get comfortable there. The active members are now at Google groups.

But for others who might still be looking for an alternative, I'm sharing what I've found. Hope it helps. Many of these substitude are similar but not a complete replacement for

List of Meetup alternatives (allows u to send out invites) (I don't quite like this one) (Beta versions) (Closest match to

Those interested in news of Meetup replacements or alternatives may want to look here.

Ok, I've finished rambling. Now lemme get back to my blog reads..:)


Mimi said...

That's hard to stay in a fresh painted room. Hope by now you are comfortably at home, maybe knitting? :)

Agnes said...

I don't want to scare you ... but I've been biten by a mouse! My father took me to the hospital immediately and I had to get all those shots!

letti said...

love the colours esp the red

Michelle said...

Hi Laura, sorry for the late reply. I didn't get the email regarding the Knit Meet, not sure why or (maybe) it could be due to mail server problem?! How the Knit Meet? Met to discuss about placing the order for yarns?