Friday, May 20, 2005

Progress Report duly submitted

Marmalade Kiri

The pen is just there as a gauge. I've gone from Inox circs to wooden circ and finally on to wooden straights. Metals points are simply not sharp enough when it comes to KSH. And I really hate the way the circs twist and turn because the KSH is not heavy enough to weigh it down. Wooden straights seem to work out best for me right now. I'm almost finishing the first ball of yarn now. The pattern is much easier after the 4th or 5th repeat. I'm more comfortable with Marmalade Kiri and don't make as many mistakes. I'd strongly advise you to count your stitches religiously everytime you reach the center stitch and the end of the row though. I know I do. Trust me, it's worth the hassle doing so. I'm probably going to finish at ball No. 2. That way, I can use the other 2 balls for another shawl pattern. Then I get to give one to my granny and keep the other for myself rather than end up with 1 extra ball without any idea what to do with it. *grin

Green Tea Cables

Green Tea is going waaaayy too slowly. I've started on the second ball. Siow Chin is right, cables eat up your yarn like there is no tomorrow. But it is lovely though. I've got 3 balls of 100g Sirdar DK Cotton. I hope it is enough, I do wanna try and incorporate short row shaping at the bust area for experiment. Let's rephrase, I'll just have to make it enough.

Vanilla Seed Shell

This one is going moderately well. The yarn is very nice to touch. Cotton with viscose but it is not plyed and that spells as "Ms Vanilla Split-a-lot" if you are not careful. That having said, I'm knitting this brainlessly. It's what I call a "No Eye See" session. That is, I knit this when I'm chatting with ppl or while watching TV or in my car during traffic jams as I look at all the bored drivers in the same sardine jam. I'm pretty amused by how every time I pick up my knitting, the queue always starts to move and I have to put it down. I've not brought it along for the past 2 days and lights and jams seems to be taking way too long. A matter of perspective? You know you are a knit addict when you don't know whether to be irritated you couldn't knit a single stitch or happy that the jam is moving at times like that.

Meanwhile, I'm still impatiently waiting to finish something so I can start on my Phildar babydoll, Phildar Pink Jacket and Portofino. I've also finally found some things to knit with my mystery wool. They are really lovely lovely stuff. Inspired by Southern Cross Knitting and their Diamond Patterned Scarf, I'm going to do just that and Branching Out each with one ball of the mystery yarn. Let's see how those will turn out. I'm so so tempted to start already. sigh... I need some quick instant gratification knit fix.


Siow Chin said...

There's just a thing about orange shawls, so beautiful! I'm like you with the jams, sometimes, when the weather is not so sticky here so that I could knit, I secretly wish for a little more traffic so I could just knit a little bit longer.

Mimi said...

Marmalade is becoming so pretty! I need to knit a shawl too! But is hard to knit mohair isn't it?
I'm starting a cable top because I thought I had extra yarn and did not want to have left overs. Now I am afraid that it won't be enough.

Agnes said...

I love Green Tea ... I love Green Tea ... the colour is cool and the cables are beautiful!

opportunityknits said...

The cables are showing nicely on green tea and I have a soft spot for seed stitch. Marmalade is coming along so nicely too. It amazes me no end that you can make steady progress on 3 projects, lace and cables, no less. If I tried it, it would be all muddled up and that would result in much frogging :)

Laura said...

Everything is coming along so beautifully. I can't wait to see a FO!

Peggy said...

The cables are gorgeous! It's such a lovely color to bring out the texture.
Not sure whether the vote for Leelah is still open... I vote for the blue! said...

love your projects .i just have to knit that kiri.

anmiryam said...

Love the kiri in marmalade, isn't kid silk haze wonderful. It'll be so light and soft when done.

The green tea cables look great. The rule of thumb I've always heard about estimating yarn for cable projects is add 25% to the amount you would use for a stockinette piece of the same dimensions. Hope you have enough yarn.

Lydia said...

Kiri is looking wonderful. Your knits are an inspiration! Love the colour you choose in KSHaze too.