Thursday, May 05, 2005

Forward March!

After reading how everyone else is or has finished something for show and tell. I'm embarassed to admit this but I must be snail knitter. Yikes! While typing out this entry, it came upon me that I unwittingly choose 3 projects of varying difficulty and something new in each.

Vanilla Seed Shell

Vanilla is mellow, first time I'm trying out seed stitch and the pattern is by myself with some guidelines here and there. Having said that, I frogged this one all the way down to the 3rd row last week. I was in a mood to be fussy at that time. Then I had a marathon session with it to bring it up to speed. It's now about 6 inches. One thing is, this is a blend of cotton with vicose. Not a good one with metal needles. It tends to slide downwards when I pick it up to knit.

Green Tea Cables

Green Tea, a tad zesty. My first try with cables. I remapped the main cable to something that I'd prefer. This is pure DK weight cotton. Now I understand what they mean by cotton doesn't give. It felt strange at first cause it felt a little unwieldly when you throw the yarn. The upside is, though the stitches slips out once a while, it doesn't unravel like the wool. It just sticks out and I just have to string them through again. I've finished the first 24 row cable repeat. Can you believe it? This one uses so much yarn! I just finish a ball of 100g DK weight Sirdar pure cotton for this and it only covers my hip. I hope I have enough. I'm considering short rowing for the bust area.

Marmalade Kiri

Next, we have the spicy Kiri/KSH combo. My first try in lace and my first too with KSH. It's so different from the cotton and blends I normally knit with. I get a bad case of eye strain when I knit this at night. It's so very easy to miss a stitch or pick up 2 stitches instead of 1. Knitting this number is like dancing cha cha. You take 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Anyway, it's a poor picture. Sorry bout that. I have lousy luck trying to photograph KSH. I've finished the 3rd repeat, moving on the the 4th. It's as big as my 2 hand put together. One thing, I can't seem to stop touching it. hehe

On the side, I guess some of you would have noticed that I've been playing around with my template. Do bear with me. I'm trying to change it to something I prefer so, it's going to take time. If anyone can point me to sites that teaches you to modify templates codes, it would be deeply appreciated. Thanks!

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