Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bits and pieces, here and there

I haven't been knitting much for the past 3 days. I was engrossed with another project. Remember my post eons and eons ago about a friend whom I promised a crochet wedding garter to? Yup.

It's actually been quite interesting. I was very curious to see how the lace pattern would turn out. It was 80% complete when I took the picture. I've finished it late last night. That's 3 late nights in a row so you'll have to forgive my bleary eyes and stoned reactions today. I promise to take a picture of the complete garter soon.

Also! Candy for the eyes! More stitch markers!

I really like these colors. At least it makes things more interesting when you knit.

Lelah - which one, which one?
Lastly, I would like opinions. I've dug out these 4 babies for Lelah.

Do you think 2 tone will look weird? I was thinking a darker shade for the bust and the lighter for the lace pattern. Eenie Minnie Mina More - Gimme votes.

1.) Forget about 2 tones and stick with 1 color.

2.) The first set - Off white and cream (*Note that very brown looking ball there is actually Gedifra Califonia in a nice light cream color)

3.) The second set - The blues (Sirdar Denium(Slightly lighter shade & Schachenmayr Punto)

I promise I'll be good and post up my progress with my 3 WIPs tomorrow. :)


Mimi said...

I would choose one color for Lelah. As for the color,I think any will be fine. Maybe pick the one that will yield less left over?

Agnes said...

I would also choose one colour ... my first choice would be cream ... and then off white ... both go well with jeans.

opportunityknits said...

Yes, one colour would be nice. And if you really want two tone, then the off white, because the blues look like they might not have enough contrast to work as 2 tones?

Siow Chin said...

I opt for one colour too.