Friday, April 22, 2005

Vintage Cardigan

Ladies and gentleman, the debut of the Vintage Cardigan! Ta ta da!

Click here for a closeup of the pattern.

Nope, I'm not the one who knitted it up :) but it's mine now! :D It's a beautiful cardigan and there is a story behind this that makes it so very meaningful.

This cardigan was a gift. SW's mother used to work as a nurse. After a time, she shifted up to Kuala Lumpur as she was about to marry. One of her good friends was a knitter. When she heard that SW's mom was moving away, she decided to knit something for her. In those days, it was very cold during the night shifts at the hospital and many wore cardigans to keep warm. This friend of hers went all the way down to Kuala Lumpur and got the wool from St Michaels, now known as Marks and Spencer. Ok, so Mark and Spencer is not much in UK but over here, they brand themselves as up class and believe me! Their stuff is expensive! So yes, she got the wool from St Michaels and knitted this up as a going away present in 20 days. Yep, 20 days. And that was about 30 over years ago. Now SW's mom is retired and She can't wear it now. Also, weather is swelteringly hot compared to the freezing offices we have here. I'll always look at this particular cardigan differently.

And yes, it's an oddity here in Singapore and Malaysia. Our weather gets hotter and hotter by the year. But the office workers gets 2 extreme weather conditions every weekday. Extremely hot outside and totally freezin inside buildings. That's the only place we can wear warm clothings. Most of our offices and shopping centers take air conditioning seriously.

So yea, there. My quick post for today..:)

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