Monday, April 11, 2005

Monday Update

There was a meetup last Saturday. I didn't manage to make it. :( I was home for the past 2 days with a rampant migraine that came on and off. I seem to be falling ill alot lately. Mom was telling me, it's a lot to do with the fact that I'm sleeping late and the weather. It has been quite crazy here. It's really really hot and glaring outside and it will suddenly rain either in the wee hours of the morning or late afternoon, but the heat still remains. I notice that my migraine comes very bad when the sunlight is very glaring and the heat is bad. My body is telling me that the tropics is no longer for me...:D Time to migrate else where. heh heh

On the knitting front, there's been some movements but sporadic as best due to my migraine.

Yarn : Cream. A mix of Cotton & Viscose
Recycled from : A Esprit Pull Over Sweater
Swatch Stitch : Seed Stitch
Needle Size : 3 1/4 mm & 4 mm
Pattern : Cowl Neck Seed Stitch Shell

I've finally managed to settle on a pattern for my first recycled yarn project. I almost tried dyeing with this. But it was not to be! Too many project and way to curious about knit related stuff. I'd never get started this way. I just love it, very soft and lots of drape. I like the way the swatch turned out. I think I'll stick with 3 1/4 mm size. So a cowl necked shell it will be! I've already casted on. A bit of a brainless knitting since I've already got the schematics worked out last week. So this was what I was doing last weekend when I could. No thinking or squinting required. Just relax and knit. Pretty fast going. I like this project! *grins

On other WIPs
Green Tea Cable
I seem to be catching the habit of starting a few project instead of finishing 1 pattern at a time. I'm getting greedy. Green Tea Cable has since lost it's challenge but it is plodding along. Now that I'm comfortable with it, I'm starting on other things as well.

Kiri Shawl

I chose this color for KSH. Isn't it gorgeous? Was a bit apprehensive about the color on the internet but no regrets on this color! A bunch of us girls decided to do Kiri shawl and got Rowan KSH for it. Sad to say, the other girls have moved on to other yarns for Kiri. I tried casting on twice with disastrous results. But I really love this yarn though it's very tricky. So I'm gonna attempt again with stitch markers, hopefully with better progress. Tonight if I'm up to it.

Mystery Wool

I need help here. Can anyone out there identify this bunch of tweed wool? I got it from ebay. I love the colors and the feel of it, but the original owner no longer has the details of this wool. Any help to identify this lot would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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