Thursday, April 14, 2005

Kiri & Seed Stitch Cowl Neck Shell Update

A wee bit of complaining. I dunno what's with my Bloglines. It seems sooo slow in updating me of new entries that it seems everyone gets it before me. And worst, it repeatedly marks certain entries as new even though I've read it. Some of the girls over here gets a few hours lag but I'm getting it 1 day late! Ugh!

Vanilla Seed Shell
Seed Stitch Cowl Neck Shell definitely needs another nickname. It's such a blah and long winded name. I'm toying with a few that somehow sounds....weird! Take for example, Cream Seed Cowl? Sounds like a bad word. hahaha I guess Vanilla Seed Shell would do. It's cream and it's a seed stitch pattern. No pictures yet cause I recalculated and recasted with smaller needles. It's only 1/2 inch so can't really see much of a pattern. I knit this when my eyes are too tired cause I don't have to concentrate like with Kiri KSH or Green Tea Cables. I'm bringing this along to and fro work. I've discovered that I can actually get a bit done during the traffic jams to and fro work. I get less agitated with drivers too. haha

Kiri 3rd Day
Last night, I was working till 11ish at home. Trust me, staring at the laptop and programming in the middle of the night sucks big time. In the end, I just couldn't think straight any more and I chucked it in favor of Kiri. I think I must be mad. While the other girls in this knitalong are finding 4.5mm needle too big and holey, I'm looking at my 4.5mm and thinking it's a little small. Oh and the picture above is the best I could come up with right now. I had to step on my circular needles to pull it straight for this picture. LOL The length on the needles is about as long as a pen right now.

Anyway, working on Marmalade Kiri, I was happily congratulating myself for not needing to rip again, when *gasp! I found an error! Oh no no no! The pattern calls for left and right decreases, knit2tog for the former and psso for the latter. I've been doing knit2tog for all the decreases. Gasp! I ripped 2 rows very carefully. Took me 1/2 hr. Then I looked again. I don't think I wan to rip it entirely again. The error is slight and it's only the first 6 rows. Hardly noticeably to my eyes since they are soo crossed over by then. So I think I'll leave it as that for now. I need to be careful with this one. Lesson learnt - Can't knit it when I'm too tired.

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