Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Pattern = Kiri Shawl
Yarn = Rowan Kid Silk Haze
Needles = 4.5mm metals

I finally started on Kiri. I know this is a lousy picture, but it was best I could produced under such eagerness to continue with it, it was the 1st day picture.

Day 1
Starting with Kiri with KSH is difficult, I'm knitting very very loose and if you don't grip the needles properly, it all slips out. I know you can't see much of the pattern, neither could I then. I got pretty worried about whether I was doing it right.

Day 2
Progress forward! No ripping needed yet. *Fingers crossed. Getting the hang of it. Gets easier as the piece gets bigger. Only problem is the piece keeps rolling up the needle. At least I can make sense of the pattern now. I'm concerned that my stitches don't seem to be even at all. Some big some small. Will knit it more tonight and see how it goes. I'll take another picture tonight. Pretty happy with the needle size. Won't be changing.

Phildar Flirt

On another note, the Phildar yarn I bid for in ebay came yesterday. No regrets! Oh I love the colors. So bright and cheerful! These pictures don't reflect the true colors of it at all. 1 strands of a bright pink and another thinner strand of pastel to faded pink. It's a bright cheerful spring pink mix. And I think I know just the pattern for it. It's going to be a jacket for sure.

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