Friday, April 22, 2005

My WIP Report

I know, I know... I've been a bad girl. Lots been going on, but I haven't much time to take pictures and download them and blog. So to make up for it, I'm posting all 3 WIPs I'm working on now. My life has come to a 'busy' phrase, so life is pretty hectic. I'm having insomnia again and my facial eczema is starting to act up again, so that really suxs. But nobody really want to hear that so..:) here's my WIPs. I haven't been able to let go of all 3 and concentrate on one. Everytime I pick one up, I feel guilty about the other. So as a result, everything goes round robin. I'll finish slower on all 3, but I'll get to wear Green Tea and Vanilla almost at the same time. *Grins

Green Tea Cables

Going is pretty easy now that I understand the pattern. I can do the main panel without refering to the chart anymore. How could I not reach this stage when I had to chart and rechart (*eye roll) it over and over again. Not to mention how many times I had recorrected (*see my previous entries) and tore my hair out. Still, I'd say that mastering the cables was easy compared to mastering lace with KSH.

Vanilla Seed Shell

Miss Vanilla Seed is also plodding along just fine. I actually totter about with it in my car. I knit this while at traffic lights or jams. Pretty easy. More calculations needed later on but for now, it's a relaxing knit. I love the stitch definition on this one. I'm doing the decreasing for the waist shaping now. I've decided to have a V-Shaped cowl neck.

Marmalade Kiri

This little minx is occupying a huge chunk of my time right now. It's real slow going and a real eye strainer. A tip while doing this if you are new to it. Count them stitches often and use lots and lotsa stitch counters! I ran out on those. Green Tea is using most of it. Right now, I'm counting stitches everytime I reach the center of the row and at the end of the whole thing. It's better than frogging the whole row/s. Right now, it's knit 4 to 5 rows, frog 1 to 2 rows. It takes some getting use to. But it's such a fiery and beautiful piece. Ah me laddie, really lost my heart to this dame..:D

I have a few other projects lined up already. Having being inspired by Carabebe to hurry up and catch up with her for the X-back top in Knitty. I've dug out my tape yarns and found 1 skein of River Tape and 1 skien of Rowan Cotton Tape in Shadow and those Colinettes. Colinettes really don't gel with anything I've got right now. They've really gotta go. A quick pop over to Ebay found me 3 balls of the Cotton Tape in the exact color on offer in which I bid and won. Ouch! I can see my money fluttering away.

As for Phildar Flirt, she has found her niche as a jacket wannabe. I actually took a photo of my swatch. But it's so blurry I've decided to reshoot and blog about that another time.

I think most of my yarns has already found a pattern to mesh with now..:) Knit knit knit! Really.. no more crazy yarn buying. I'm going broke already. I'm limiting myself to a paltry sum per month until I finish everything I've lined up. Yea I can hear some of the girls laughing at me already. Me? Limiting myself? Let's just see how long I can take it yea girls..:P

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