Monday, August 29, 2005

Orangina Completed

I cannot believe this either, but Orangina is actually finished.

After hours of knitting in the car during traffic jams, it is finished. The fussing and fretting about how it might not turn out due to my tweaking unfounded, I'm very happy with how mine turned out. It looks a bit holey in the pic but actually doesn't show that much in the actual wear. I'm really liking this one. Here's the celebratory twirl around. :)

Ah! The clear winner from everyone's vote is a DVF Wrap Dress! Thanks for the input
girls! I'm leaning towards the wrap dress too..:D

Next in line is my Lelah fixup. I'm ripping the top part. I made it too long and nice as it is, the hips look way out. So I'm shortening the lace part. After that, it would be some 'express satisfaction' knits and of course sewing! I've a few things lined up already.


Agnes said...

Congratulations! It looks really good on you! It does look a bit sexy in the photo ... but I think if you wear similar colour inside, it really doesn't show.

Kimberly said...

The shaping looks great. Twirl-around pictures are good too because it's shows how well the garment fits you. I wish knitting books and magazines offered the twirl-around views as well!

Looks like whatever tweaking you did was the right decision! This

Ruth said...

pretty!! great job!!

happyspider said...

that is fabulous! you should be really proud... i want one!

yuvee said...

That looks great on you!!

Dani said...

I love it! What a perfect color too :) It looks lovely even from behind!

letti said...

looks gorgeous!