Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Versatility is thy Middle Name

Yes, I know Lelah was finished more than a month back and it looked great. I had tweaked the pattern and added 2 extra repeats. While it looked good (on its own), when paired with jeans, it balloned at the hips and looked weird on me. So I frogged it yet again and reduced it to 7 repeats.

Before After

So, while I was doing the usual fittings with the seaming needle still stuck in Lelah. I decided to slide it down to the floor instead to avoid the needle after. Now, I know that Lelah is a very versatile kinda girl. But this seriously tops the cake! Observe.

I did 6 short rows in the front for the bust area. What I didn't realize was the short row works well for the butt too! I thought it was pretty hilarious! LOL So take note ladies, if you are ever knitting a bottom, you can incorporate short rows for a better fit. :D

I wore a cream bicycle shorts for the shot on top but think I should use something bright underneath the lace. Something like below. I used a piece of bright felt fabric at hand.

Talk about versatility! Lelah is a chamelon. Use it as a tube, add removable strap and I get a spaghetti baby doll and slide it down and I get a skirt. Of course, I'll need to sew Lelah a bright petti-skirt of some. I still find this hilarious.

SW thinks it looks better as a skirt. Somehow, I think I agree. Care to give opinions girls?

Next question is, what color should the underskirt be? Bright hot pink? Green? Blue? What do you think girls?


Agnes said...

Agree ... very beautiful as a skirt! Mmm ... about the underskirt colour ... scarlet red would be sexy and seductive ... while hot pink would add a little more child-like innocence, but still sexy!

yuvee said...

Yep, it looks pretty as a skirt!!I'll vote for white or hot pink ;)

Alison said...

I vote for hot pink. It is very pretty as a skirt.

opportunityknits said...

yes it is pretty as a skirt. Use a bright contrasting colour so the lace shows.

Dani said...

That is so gorgeous! And it looks absolutely perfect on you!

letti said...

it looks so gooD!!!

Twin said...

Pretty neat. You guys are really good at this. If you ask me .. sorry I don't have the kind of patience. Keep up the good knitting!!!

Ruth said...

cute cute cute!!!!! lelah is definately going to be a future knit for me. =) as for the underskirt, i'd do something with alot of contrast (a bright color) but not too dark.

Ruth said...

hi laura - thanks for the comment on my blog! i think i'll be in KL for a night or two (we might do a tour there) but we'll mostly spend our time in JB (my husband wants to spend alot of time with his ailing grandmother). occasionally we may hitch a ride into singapore during the day and go shopping. where are you located in malaysia?

happyspider said...

aaw lelah skirt, how cute! i think you should try an antique pink under, maybe you could find a retro mini-slip? the lace peeking through lace would look great.

Kitty Kitty said...

Wow, it looks great as a knitted skirt. I think I would have to agree I may like it better as a skirt. Though it looks really cute on you as a top as well.

I vote for hot pink. :)

christine said...

Hahahahaha! Sorry, but I'm laughing because when I made the 1st version of the "lelah top", my gauge was seriously off and it turned into "the fishtail skirt"!!!
I seriously think it would make a great dress as well!!!
Oh by the way, this is helena jane from craftster ;) !
I think your version came out GREAT, by the way!