Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sewing and Orangina

Sewing Knick Knacks

I have been browsing fabrics and patterns for quite some time now. Not too long ago, I was enamoured by Machiko's Simple Chic and Skirt ala Carte. I remembered the cover vividly but misplaced the author's name and ISBN. I couldn't remember where I saw it and couldn't find it again. Then, Joy posted about the books. Yipee! You can't imagine how happy I was. Thanks to her, I finally managed to track it down. And then I couldn't believe my eyes when I found Simple Chic in my local Kinokuoniya! Double joy! Yep, I got the book in my hands now. Now, like Joy, I have to figure out the pattern map.

I also started clearing out my wardrobe. I have a stash of scrapes and a huge pile of clothes I got modification ideas on. I also got myself more fabrics.

The 2 pile of sturdy black and dark blue fabric I got at a steal! It's hard to see, but the dark bluish black one is matte and hangs very well. The other dark black fabric also hangs well and is shiny. They are tagged for some pants and perhaps a skirt. The green fabric....I'm not too sure yet. They are a little thick and it has a shine to it. It was an impulse buy. Any ideas?

See that book on bags with the fabrics? It is my latest addition to my craft books. I was browsing through a Japanese book section when I came across this. How to resist? It's got great embellishment tips and great step by step pictorial guide for each bag.

I especially like these 2 pages. More excuses to go fabric shopping..:)


I seem to be losing steam. I no longer have the exuberance I had when I first revived my interest in knitting. It is possibly a phrase I am going through since I can't seem to finish any WIP to my satisfaction. Only time will tell. For a brief period, I contemplated closing down my blog. It also saddens me that Opportunity Knits have decided to close down her blog. She will be missed.

I take my own pace nowadays instead of rushing into finishing line. I have not much time to really sit down and enjoy my knitting and haven't finish anything for a while. Orangina is progressing slowly but steadily as you can see.

I am about 2/3 completed.


Ruth said...

i love those bag pictures. i recently bought a sewing machine and hopefully it'll arrive in the mail today! yay! (p.s. your orangina looks so pretty!)

emy said...

Never rush through your crafts. Or you'll never enjoy them!