Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My Wonderful SP5 partner

On the last day of the week, my SP sent to me!
1 pretty pink card
4 green Andean treasures
6 bright orange Vacation!
Knitpicks allll for me!
Tra lalalalala
*hmmming away to the tune still....

Did I mention my SP is wonderful? I'll say it again. I've got a wonderful secret pal! Last Friday, I was harried and tired. Rushing off to yet another appointment with a client when for some unexplained reason, I veered towards the postbox area. It was my first time there and my brains said : - 'Look for my office post box.' My eyes zoomed in on this brown package sticking out from one of the post box below. It was jammed unsuccessfully 1/3 way into the post box. I took a while to register that my name was on that brown package. Could you believe it took me 3 mins to wiggle my package out of it? LOL

With my loot, I ran to my car to savor it in private. It wouldn't do to be seen yelping in glee in my office with an maniacal expression on my face. So instead, I was in my car with a silly grin on my face singing away after opening my package and rushing to my appointment. And that little ditty above, got stuck in my head. The colors are just gorgeous! How could anyone not feel cheerful looking at the bright sunshine orange and cheerful greens. Thank you Secret Pal, you made my day. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Agnes said...

Hey Laura,
I got this link from one comment ... follow it and you'll know what gaucho is:

Now I have a problem. "Knit Gauchos"? Argh!

Ruth said...

you lucky girl! those are great gifts! =)

opportunityknits said...

Wow, luckily you got there in time to rescue your package. The post should not be half-jammed into the box, cos someone else could have yanked it out. And I can just imagine you in the carpark! :)

yuvee said...

Are those yarn really as yummy as they look like on my screen?? Yumm...