Friday, August 12, 2005

Tagged - 5 Things I miss from childhood meme

I got tagged by Siow Chin from Little Purl of the Orient.

So : - 5 things I miss from my childhood.

1.) My great grand parents' house. They had a big old house, a huge compound filled with all sorts of interesting adventures. Yes, I was lucky enough to know them while they were alive. Their house was always filled with family and relatives. Typical traditional chinese family..:) We kids really had fun there.

2.) My books. Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, Roald Dale, William Price and many others. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory does bring back those memories. I was, still am a book worm.

3.) The games that we played with friends - Zero Point. The fun in trying to collect enough rubberbands to string a rope. And then playing the game in groups, jumping over the line as it gets higher and higher. 5 Stones - We buy or have fun making them with raw rice and scraps of cloth. This was a test of eye and hand co-ordination. One Leg - Catching hopping with one leg.

4.) How every festival was something to look forward to, especially Chinese New Year as it means I get to see my cousins and eat lots of candies and drink lots of coke. LOL

5.) The munchies - Hawkers with parked motorbikes laden with snacks at the side of the road after school. Icecream made of shaved ice and syrup in a stick. The ice cream motorman with a ringing bell that serves ice cream wrapped in bread. Haianese Sweet Bread. Mini deep fried curry chicken drumstick and wings that my Primary School canteen use to serve.

This is the first time I actually realized I got tagged. LOL So an apology to fellow knitters out there who tagged me before if any. Blur me.

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